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Work Based Learning


The WBL Program allows students to make valuable career decisions through work based  learning in their field of study or interest. The program allows you to participate in order to gain experience that can be valuable for college admission or career advancement. 


Students must display good attendance, citizenship and academics in addition to providing career technical teacher recommendation to participate once all required curriculum and certification requirements have been met. All graduation requirements must also be met which will be reviewed by your guidance counselor. 


Most students start 2nd semester of their senior year 4th period but we can allow for flexibility depending on individual schedules. If you have non mandatory electives and meet all graduation requirements, you may be able to start sooner.  The WBL elective  replaces the student’s CTE Program Class. A  student can also participate in WBL and remain in the CTE Program. Each application and case is handled individually but we try to allow for flexibility in supporting the best interest of the student.


You will earn 5 credits and a grade for your work based learning (WBL).

Who to Contact
  Gina DeMaio (609) 625-2249 ex: 1141 SLE Coordinator