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The Child Study Team provides case management for all students found eligible for special education and/or related services, and ensures compliance with state regulations (N.J.A.C. 6A:14). Case managers coordinate the development, monitoring and evaluation of the IEP, and conduct initial and reevaluations to determine current student needs and eligibility for services. Individual counseling as a related service is provided by the School Psychologist and School Social Worker; additional related services are provided through contracted services. Students are provided linkage with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for employment services and post-secondary education assistance, as well as referrals to other community resources as needed. The Child Study Team supports the SEPAG (Special Education Parent Advisory Group) with yearly meetings to provide information and encourage family feedback and involvement. 

Case Managers have frequent contact and collaboration with the following, to ensure students are provided every opportunity for success at ACIT and beyond:

  • Students & Families
  • School Staff & Related Services Providers
  • Respective Guidance Counselors
  • College & Career Counselor
  • SLE Coordinator
  • SAC Counselor
  • Community Resources & Transition Agencies
  • Resident School District


Who to Contact
  Sandy Kaiser (609) 625-2249 ex: 1160 CST Secretary
  Kristina Scioli (609) 625-2249 ex: 1168 School Psychologist / Case Manager Grades 10-12 with Last Names A - K
  Suzanne Pulman (609) 625-2249 ex: 1155 Supervisor of Child Study Team
  Maria Ricci (609) 625-2249 ex: 1170 School Social Worker / Case Manager Grades 10-12 with Last Names L - Z
  Louisa Vain (609) 625-2249 ex: 3110 Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant / Case Manager Grade 9